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On 19-20 May 2023, Isuzu Vietnam successfully organized the Isuzu Vietnam Skill Contest 2023 at Isuzu Vietnam Auto Care Center.

This year’s contest gathered 88 contestants from Isuzu Vietnam Dealers nationwide, competing in 3 categories as follows:

– Theory Test: Service Advisors, Spare part Advisors, Technicians

– Practical Test: Service Advisors, Spare part Advisors, Technicians

– Communication Test: Service Advisors.

The content of each competition closely followed the actual requirement and also help to improve the Dealer’s staff skills.

After 2 days of intense competition, the contest took place successfully with the final results as follows:

  • Spare part Advisor Prize:

– 1st Prize: Lê Đức Trí (i-TRUCKS Đại Thịnh)

– 2nd Prize: Đặng Minh Thành (i-TRUCKS An Lạc)

– 3rd Prize: Lê Minh Tùng (i-TRUCKS Tấn Phát)

  • Service Advisor Prize

– 1st Prize: Lê Đăng Khoa (i-TRUCKS Đại Thịnh)

– 2nd Prize: Dương Hoàng Anh (i-TRUCKS Minh Nhi)

– 3rd Prize: Nguyễn Thành Tuấn (i-TRUCKS An Lạc)

  • Technician Prize

– 1st Prize: Nguyễn Văn Khang (i-TRUCKS An Lạc)

– 2nd Prize: Võ Đức Nam (D-Square Lộc Phát)

– 3rd Prize: Trần Văn Thành (i-TRUCKS Đại Thịnh)

  • Team Prize

– 1st Prize: i-TRUCKS An Lạc

– 2nd Prize: i-TRUCKS Đại Thịnh

– 3rd Prize: i-TRUCKS Tấn Phát

Mr. Wataru Nakano – General Director of Isuzu Vietnam shared at the contest: “The Skills contest aims to create a useful playground for contestants to compete, exchange and learn from each other’s experiences. After this contest, we will select and train the best candidates to represent Isuzu Vietnam to attend the Isuzu Global Technician Skills Competition held in Japan this year. I hope Dealers and contestants are aware that after-sales service is a key factor to maintain & develop the Isuzu brand as well as bringing success to the Dealers.

Takumi – Isuzu Masters is this year’s contest’s slogan and the message that Isuzu Vietnam wants to deliver to Isuzu Vietnam Dealers. Takumi (匠) is, in Japanese, an “Artisan” or a “Master”. They are highly skilled artisan experts focused on one area. This is a very important concept in the Japanese auto industry. Takumi technicians are trained to become experts in automotive components’ assembly, repair, and quality inspection.

Along with the annual Skills contest, Isuzu Vietnam continues to organize training programs with the goal of improving the qualifications and skills of the staff at the Dealer, bringing the best quality of service and products to customers.


22 May, 2023

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